How Much to Bring? Budgeting for Your Phuket Trip

Accommodation Costs

Hotel rooms in Phuket start around 1000 THB per night for budget options and 4000+ THB for high-end resorts. Private villas or condos offer more space for extended stays or groups.

Food Costs

Dining costs can be as cheap as 150 THB per meal at local food stalls, while restaurant meals average 300-600 THB. Overall, excellent local food is very affordable in Phuket.

Attractions & Activities

Sightseeing, cultural attractions and temples have low entry fees, if any. Day trips and water activities like diving average 1500-3500 THB. Plan for higher costs of up to 15,000 THB for yacht charters or elite experiences.

Transport Expenses

Songthaew rides around towns cost about 50 THB. Islandwide taxi or tuk tuk fares average 500-1000 THB. Renting a motorbike or car allows saving but consider fuel and parking costs.

Nightlife & Drinks

Alcohol and partying can impact budgets heavily. Just drinking and dancing could mean 1000+ THB per day minimum. Prices rise significantly at high-end clubs.

Average Total Trip Cost

For a mid-range 7-day Phuket trip, expect total costs around 15,000 to 25,000 THB per person including accommodations, food, activities and transport. Luxury trips cost 60,000 THB or more.


With budget planning, Phuket can be affordable. But costs add up quickly for luxury stays, activities, dining and drinking. Budget at least 2000 THB per day, or 6000+ THB daily for high-end trips.

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