Working in Thailand as a Foreigner

Work Permits and Visas

Foreigners must obtain proper visas and work permits to legally work in Thailand. Some visa types, like tourist visas, prohibit working. Others, like the Non-B work permit, allow working for specific employers. Consult the Thai embassy to understand current visa and work permit requirements.

Restricted Occupations for Foreigners

Thai law places restrictions on foreign nationals working in certain jobs and industries. The following occupations have barriers or prohibitions for non-Thais:

Fully Restricted Occupations

  • Street vendors, peddlers
  • Farming and agricultural work
  • Forestry industry jobs
  • Fishery jobs
  • Making or carving Buddha images
  • Street performer, busker
  • Lottery ticket seller

Partially Restricted Occupations

  • Restaurant owner or staff
  • Hotel/guesthouse jobs
  • Tour guide jobs
  • Real estate agent jobs
  • Jewelry retailing/repair
  • Street food cooking/selling
  • Tailoring jobs
  • Handicrafts production
  • Florist jobs
  • Domestic staff
  • Masseuse, spa jobs

Professional Services Restrictions

  • Legal services
  • Accounting
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Medical services
  • Tourism consultation services

Obtain Expert Assistance from G Estate

G Estate can provide specialized assistance to foreigners seeking to work legally in Thailand. Our services include:
  • Helping to register a Thai company to sponsor work permits
  • Coordinating with experienced immigration lawyers
  • Guiding you through the visa and work permit process
  • Ensuring full compliance with employment laws
  • Advising on any work restrictions for your occupation
Working in Thailand as a foreigner requires strict adherence to complex employment and immigration laws. Contact G Estate for professional support and guidance.

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