Can You Use Grab in Phuket?


Grab is a popular ride-hailing and food delivery app across Southeast Asia. With Phuket being a top tourist destination in Thailand, many travelers ask - can you use Grab in Phuket?

Grab Taxis in Phuket

Yes, Grab offers taxi services through their app in Phuket. Using Grab taxis can be more convenient than hailing traditional street taxis. The app lets you book GrabCar rides around Phuket 24/7.

Estimated Fares

Grab offers fixed rate fares. Short distances around main tourist areas like Patong or Kata cost around 200 THB. Longer trips across the island average 500-800 THB. Surge pricing applies during peak times.

Payments and Safety

The app allows cashless payment. Pre-agreed fares provide certainty. Grab drivers undergo background checks, providing safety assurances when using Grab versus regular taxis.

Food Delivery

GrabFood delivery is also available in Phuket. You can order food from local restaurants via the app. GrabFood offers convenient delivery right to your hotel or villa.


Grab is widely used for transportation and food delivery across Phuket. Using the Grab app provides tourists with safe, cashless rides and meal deliveries throughout their stay.

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