Can You Rent a Bike in Phuket?

Plenty of Rental Options

Yes, there are many options for renting motorbikes and scooters throughout Phuket. On the popular beaches and in tourist areas, you’ll find numerous small rental shops offering motorbikes and scooters. Rates range from 150-300 THB per day depending on engine size and model.

Types of Bikes Available

Shops typically have automatic scooters from 100-125cc in size. Some have geared scooters and motorcycles up to 400cc as well.

Where to Rent Bikes

Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin, and Rawai beaches are hotspots for bike rentals. You’ll also find rentals in Phuket Town and near major resorts. Many shops are on the main roads leading to popular beaches. Prices may be slightly higher for beachfront locations.

Rental Partners

G Estate - Grellet Immobilier has partners offering both bicycle and motorbike rentals. Contact us if you need help arranging bike rentals during your stay.

Licensing and Safety Tips

  • An International Driving Permit is required to rent a motorbike over 50cc.
  • Always wear a helmet. Police enforce helmet laws with fines up to 2,000 THB.
  • Drive defensively and cautiously.
  • Thoroughly check the bike before riding.
  • Avoid riding at night or in storms.
  • Take caution on winding roads.
  • Wear closed toe shoes and appropriate clothing - not swimwear.
Renting a bike is a convenient and fun way to explore Phuket at your own pace if done legally and safely. With an abundance of rentals across the island, getting some wheels during your visit is easy. But be sure to follow these key requirements and tips for safe riding.

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