Can Foreigners Buy Property in Phuket?

Overview of Ownership Laws

Yes, it is possible for foreigners to purchase property in Phuket, but there are some restrictions and regulations to be aware of. Under Thai law, foreign nationals cannot directly own land in Thailand. However, foreigners can buy condominiums and apartments freehold, and also purchase land by setting up a Thai company.

Buying Condos Freehold

One of the easiest ways for foreigners to purchase property is buying a condominium unit. Thanks to the Condominium Act, foreigners can purchase and own condominiums freehold, meaning full outright ownership. Foreigners can buy condos anywhere in Thailand, including Phuket.

Using a Company to Buy Land

Foreigners cannot directly buy land, but they can purchase land plots by setting up a Thai company. The company can fully own the land, while the foreigner owns 49% of shares in the Thai company. This allows the foreigner to legally purchase and control land in Phuket and across Thailand.

Leasehold Options

Foreigners can acquire land by taking out long term leases of 30 years. Lease contracts can be extended for additional 30 year periods. This allows functional ownership without directly owning the land.

Expert Assistance from G Estate - Grellet Immobilier

G Estate - Grellet Immobilier can provide full assistance and guidance for foreigners purchasing property in Phuket. We handle setting up ownership through Thai companies or leasehold structures. We also conduct due diligence to verify clean title deeds (chanote) are available for properties before purchase. Our real estate expertise is key for foreigners buying property. With the right expertise, foreigners can successfully purchase property in Phuket through condominiums, companies, or long term leases. Contact G Estate - Grellet Immobilier for assistance with owning property as a foreigner.

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