Renting a Shop in Phuket as a Foreigner

Requirements for Foreign Business Owners

Foreigners looking to rent and operate a shop in Phuket must follow Thai business ownership laws. You must register a Thai company and obtain the proper visas and work permits. Foreigners cannot work without a valid work permit.

Restricted Businesses

Additionally, certain business activities are restricted or prohibited for foreign ownership such as retail under 200 sqm, restaurants without substantial capital, massage parlors, bars, tour agencies, accounting services, and more.

Finding a Commercial Property

Shop spaces for lease can be found across Phuket. Focus your search in commercial zones or retail complexes instead of residential areas. Prices vary greatly depending on size and location.

Get Expert Assistance from G Estate - Grellet immobilier

G Estate - Grellet immobilier can provide full assistance with setting up a business, company registration, visas, work permits, and renting commercial property in Phuket. We guide foreign business owners through every step to ensure full legal compliance.

Comply with Laws and Regulations

Make sure to comply with all Thai business taxes, licenses, and regulations. Hire an accountant familiar with Thai laws. Rules differ for certain business categories. Registration can be complex. Renting retail space and running a shop in Phuket is possible but requires following proper procedures. Get specialized assistance from G Estate - Grellet immobilier.

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